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Covid-19 Update: May Day!

Happy May Day!  Isn’t it interesting how a phrase like May Day can have various meanings?

For most of us, when we think of May Day, we think of spring flowers and old childhood traditions of flower baskets, the May pole and other traditions. 

For those who have been in the military and emergency response environments, when they hear Mayday, they think it’s a distress call.

This year, I think that it’s a little bit of both for all of us.  Flowers are blooming and we think back to our youthful days, while at the same time it’s a little bit of a Covid-19 distress call.  

As we continue to adjust to the Covid-19 era, we are also seeking ways to help improve how we can better serve you.  Now that we have sound on channel 981, we are adding more content to the channel including exercise with Angel videos, devotions with Chaplain Dave, Video Bingo and other interesting content such as having a webcam on the duckling nest in Valerie’s yard.  

Chef Patrick is also doing a video series called “Canned HAM” on channel 981.  This is a video series that Chef Patrick is doing in lieu of Chef’s Corner.  He’ll take you behind the scenes and show you what’s involved with preparing and delivering meals to the apartments.  He will also be discussing some of the food challenges that are before us and potential product shortages due to several major food processing plants closing down due to Covid-19.

As Chef Patrick outlined in his letter to you, we are also experimenting with our food delivery service for lunch and dinner. Our goal is to provide you with higher quality of food delivery.  

While we are on the subject, Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  This year the meal will be plated.  Trying to serve the meal buffet style like we did at Easter presented some challenges that we don’t want to repeat.  Don’t worry, once we are back to normal, we’ll have a nice buffet.

I want to thank all of you for your continued efforts to limit your travels, as well as wearing face masks and keeping physical distance.  The conscientious efforts that you have made has helped to keep our community virus free. 

As a reminder, if you have been out of the building, other than for a walk around the block, we will be asking you to quarantine yourself.  This is to help ensure that you and your fellow residents stay COVID free.  This includes allowing our staff to do your laundry and take care of your garbage while you are under quarantine. If you live in the Independent community, you will not be charged for these services while you are under quarantine.

Thank you all for keeping Hearthstone a safe community.

Tom Freitag

Executive Director

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