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Memorial Day– Our Freedom isn’t Free

The history of Memorial Day dates back to the Civil War.  Although the origin of the day is a long, painful, winding road, it is a time set aside to remember those who have fought for our freedom and have paid the ultimate price of their lives to defend our freedoms.

I am afraid that over the years, the original purpose of Memorial Day has faded. Now it is viewed more as the official start of summer with commercial sales and celebrations for family and friends.  For many of us, however, memories are still raw as we remember people that we have known, and loved ones that we have lost.

I believe it is our duty to not let their sacrifices be in vain, but to honor and cherish the freedoms that they won for us. 

For close to three months, we have all worked hard to combat the COVID-19 virus and our perseverance and sacrifices are paying off.

Yes, we still have inconveniences in our daily lives, and none of us signed up for this battle; but we are winning the war.

Barring any setbacks, shortly we will start small group exercises. The Hearthstone beauty salon will reopen as soon as Washington County is approved for Phase 1 reopening. Eating in the dining rooms, visiting with families, and lifting of the quarantine restrictions will be done incrementally as soon as we can. Phase 1 will be in place for 21 days before the State considers Phase 2.

If we have a setback due to a resident or staff member contracting COVID-19, we will be back on total quarantine for a minimum of 14 days.

As we start lifting restrictions, it will be more important than ever to protect yourself and others. We need to be faithful and continue to fight the good fight:  wear our masks, practice excellent personal hygiene, maintain social distancing, and comply with the quarantine guidelines. 

We will win this war together!

Tom Freitag, Executive Director                                                

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