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You Are NOT Alone, We Are a Community

As Covid-19 continues to grip the nation, one of the most troubling trends being reported in the news is that our seniors are suffering the most—not only from the virus but from social isolation.

This creates heightened anxiety among the senior population. And for those who live alone, it nearly paralyzes them with fear. They are reluctant to leave their homes unless they absolutely have to and family members are not always available to help them.

I have heard from many residents and their families how grateful they are to be living at Hearthstone in a time like this. Despite the fact that family members cannot come in to see their loved ones, they know that their loved ones are being well served by the Hearthstone staff. Families are finding new ways to communicate with their loved ones. Many residents and their family members have learned how to Skype or Zoom or other forms of video chatting. If you would like to learn more about these options, stop by or call the Activity Office (Ext 1542) and they can help you.

Family members have stopped by and gone out for a walk with their loved ones. Every day our staff checks in with every resident not only to take their meal orders for the next day but to see how they are doing. Neighbors are checking on neighbors (while maintaining social distancing, of course!) to make sure they are OK. Our staff is also available to come and talk to you if you wish. We also have volunteer residents who are helping with the mail and newspaper deliveries, making face masks, and assisting with voter registration and the Census. In many ways, this virus has brought us closer together as a community.

No, You Are NOT Alone.

As we anticipate this semi-quarantine going through at least May, we are finding a new normal and we are discovering new ways of doing things.

For our Lunch and Dinner service, we will do more of our “Hallway” cart service as we did on Easter.

Many of you have discovered Hearthstone’s TV Channel 981, the Activity Channel, which now provides Sit-ercise classes and TV BINGO with payouts! Stay tuned to Channel 981 for more activities to be added. Have you seen the ducklings in the Independent Courtyard and have you been on a hallway scavenger hunt yet?

We count our blessings. We do not have any new cases of Covid-19 among our residents or staff. With that said, I encourage each of you to continue to adhere to social distancing and wearing masks. Please use hand sanitizer and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.

As a reminder, if you leave the community to go to the store or visit friends or family, you need to self-quarantine for 7 days. If you go to a clinic, doctor’s office, or hospital / ER, rehab, or any other place that is considered high risk, you need to self-quarantine for 14 days.

To some of you, these guidelines may seem restrictive and unnecessary, however, they have been proven to work in containing Covid-19 outbreaks. We need to remember this is for the greater good because we truly are All in This Together.

Take the next step

Hearthstone at Murrayhill is an ideal choice for seniors who want to live in a social environment with few responsibilities, while having access to quality care and a little “extra help” when it’s needed.

You’re invited to take a personal tour, enjoy a meal, and see all that Hearthstone at Murrayhill has to offer. Call (503) 521-3000, or click below to set up your visit.

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