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Hearthstone Safety Measures Amid Covid-19 Virus

Dear Residents, Family, and Friends,

We have been and will continue to be very diligent to clean all surfaces, restrict activities, as well as inform and educate you and the staff regarding the COVID-19 virus. Handwashing and staying in when ill, are essential to decreasing the spread of this virus.

Today we met with the Oregon Department of Human Services consultant, Jane Martin, RN, to review our influenza protocol. She was pleased with what we have done.

Though we have no illness in our community, the State of Oregon has now mandated that we, along with all such facilities in the State of Oregon, close our doors to all non-essential visitors. “The long-term care facility visitation policy stems from a desire to have a uniform policy that is better communicated to stakeholders and maximizes facilities’ ability to prevent and contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus.”

As you know older adults who have serious, chronic medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, lung disease and people who are immunocompromised are the most susceptible. That means many of you! Because our independent community is licensed as a Residential Care Facility this means that all three of our communities are being closed to non-essential visitors.

In accordance with the Oregon Health Authority and under the authority of the Executive Order 20-03 issued by the Governor, we are mandated to:

• Restrict entrance to the community to Essential personnel only. Who are:

  • Facility Staff
  • Outside Medical Personnel
  • Vendors
  • Adult protective services staff, DHS Licensing / Survey Staff, Ombudsman.
  • Friends and family members visiting during end-of-life stages
  • Friends and family who are essential for the individual’s emotional well-being and care.

In the case of friends and family visitations, only TWO visitors are allowed at a time. No school-age persons, including college students.

All individuals, including essential personnel, must enter through the Hearthstone’s main entrance. They also must fill out the “Visitor” screen form each time they enter the building.

If the individuals are non-essential or answer yes to any of the questions to the screening, they will be turned away until the mandate is lifted.

The main entry doors will be unlocked from 7:30 AM to 6 PM. There are a doorbell and phone in the foyer that can be used should the doors be locked.

Our staff will be happy to help residents with Skype or Facetime so they and their loved ones can communicate with each other.

The Covid-19 is an unprecedented illness that is calling for extreme measures to combat it. We recognize that these measures create an inconvenience for both the residents and visitors. We need your help in keeping all the Hearthstone residents and staff safe and comply with these restrictions

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