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Practical and Helpful Downsizing Tips For Seniors

Downsizing Tips For Seniors Near Beaverton Oregon | Hearthstone Senior LivingRetirement presents a plethora of experiences that are both stressful and relieving. Although you now have the time and opportunity to do the things you’ve always dreamed of, ensuring that your finances are secure for the next twenty or thirty years may be a point of concern.

Downsizing After Retirement

Many senior adults consider selling their homes after retirement to move into an independent living community, eliminating the costs and burdens associated with maintaining a property. Although the idea of moving after retirement may sound daunting, it’s important to consider the long-term benefits of cutting down on unnecessary expenses and obligations that prevent you from maximizing your time.

If you are interested in downsizing to a smaller home or independent living community like Hearthstone, check out the following information and feel free to contact us to schedule a tour of our campus.

Transitioning to An Independent Living Community

Moving into an independent living community like Hearthstone allows you to enjoy your retirement in a comfortable, stress-free environment. The situation itself can be a point of anxiety for some seniors, especially for those who find it difficult to part with their possessions.

Fortunately, there are many ways to ease the process and help you feel comfortable about your upcoming opportunities. Here are a few downsizing tips to prepare you for independent living:

Consider the Market

There are many factors to consider when selling your home including the average value within your community, interest rates, and personal lifestyle goals. Reach out to a few local real estate agencies to gain perspective on trends that affect your investment and potential return.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Pack

It’s important to confront the downsizing process early on. Waiting to pack up your belongings until you sell your home or some catastrophe takes place is a mistake too many people make. Instead, start downsizing about one month before you put your house on the market or as soon as anything health-related develops. This eliminates the stress of trying to get everything done in a small amount of time.

Ask Family for Assistance

Ask your family for help before you start to pack. Having your children and other loved ones with you while you box up your belongings creates opportunities to rediscover favorite items, as well as share fond memories. This may be a very good time to pass one of your beloved items to another, younger family member to protect or discuss which items should be donated.

Approach Downsizing with A Plan In Mind

Instead of having everyone rummaging through random areas of your house, pack up one room at a time as a team. Try to start out with the most cluttered or largest rooms before making your way to the garage, shed, and outdoor items. This will cut down on time and save your family from asking questions about each item they pack.

Create Individual Piles

To determine which items you’d like to keep and those that can be donated or thrown away, create three different collections that represent each concept. If you come across an item that you’re unsure of, you can create a fourth pile for things that are “undecided.”

Once you’ve been able to organize everything in your home, you can always come back to the last pile to see how you feel. It’s important to keep in mind the size of your new home when determining which items should be kept.

Donate Unwanted Goods

If you are left with a significant amount of items that you’d like to give away instead of throw away, you can call your local thrift store to see if they will come pick up your goods. Most donation groups like the Salvation Army will send a delivery truck for larger items like couches or dressers.

Learn More About Independent Living by Taking A Tour of Our Campus!

Independent Living Communities In Oregon | Hearthstone Senior LivingTransitioning into a locally owned and managed independent living community provides peace of mind, as well as ensures that you are in a safe, sound, and comfortable environment.

At Hearthstone at Murrayhill, we offer Independent, Assisted Living, and Memory Care. At Hearthstone of Beaverton, our boutique-style community contains over 50 different Assisted Living apartments that range from private studios to one or two bedrooms.

Our goal is to serve our residents, their families and guests with love, respect, and integrity at all times. You can meet with us or schedule a tour by calling Hearthstone of Beaverton at (503) 641-0911 or by visiting us at:

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Hearthstone at Murrayhill is an ideal choice for seniors who want to live in a social environment with few responsibilities, while having access to quality care and a little “extra help” when it’s needed.

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