Have you been caring for your mom or dad? Struggling with what role you should play? Caregiver or family member?

Let us help!

We know firsthand what it's like to care for a loved one and been where you are now. Acknowledging that your parents needs have increased is the start of a bigger conversation. We are here to listen to your concerns and ask questions. We can help you navigate the changes the aging process brings to your role.

Concerned about your loved one living alone?

Watch for these signs

While every situation is unique, these are some signs that it may be time to start considering alternative living arrangements.

Mobility Problems

Can your loved one easily rise from a chair? Does he or she seem unsteady or unable to balance? Have there been one or more falls recently?

Medical Issues or Weight Loss

Weight loss can indicate a lack of motivation or energy to eat, or may be linked to a significant health condition. Progressive problems such as congestive heart failure, dementia, or COPD can mean your loved one will eventually need help.

Poor Home Maintenance

Look for stacks of dirty dishes, newspapers or magazines, and unpaid bills. Is the home messy or the yard overgrown? These can indicate difficulties in managing the household.

Lack of Personal Hygiene

Pay attention to appearance. Are his or her clothes clean? Are the same pieces being worn again and again? Do you notice body odor, unkempt hair, or untrimmed fingernails and toenails?

Social Isolation

Does your loved one still get together with friends, visit with family, or participate in church and group activities? Does he or she have the reflexes and clear vision to drive safely?

Personality Changes

Changes in behaviors and mood such as being suspicious, tearful, angry or confused can indicate a need for additional support.

Low Vision Loss

Vision loss can put your loved one at risk of medication errors, cooking mishaps, and difficulty performing familiar tasks. Everyday tasks such as dialing a phone, changing the channels on a television, or keeping the floors clear of clutter can become troublesome.

Changes in Driving

Dents and dings in the car can indicate unsafe driving, and a potential need for transportation to weekly appointments and activities.

Hearthstone Senior Living Is Here To Help

The decision to move a loved one from home into an assisted living community has emotional, financial, and practical considerations. We’ll work with you and your family to choose the right Hearthstone community and help ensure a smooth transition.

Living Options

Independent-Style Living

All the freedom of retirement living without the work or worry.

Assisted Living

When you want a little extra help with the tasks of daily life.

Memory Care

A safe, loving, and comfortable setting with full-time caregiving.

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