The 6 ‘Must-Haves’ When Choosing a Senior Living Community in Beaverton, OR

Chamness'One of the most important decisions you can make as an adult is deciding and choosing a senior living community that will provide the greatest value to your parents, grandparents, or other loved ones.

When scheduling a tour with a senior living community in Beaverton, OR, the quality of care your loved one(s) will receive during their stay is the most important consideration to keep in mind.

Beyond being able to connect your family members or loved ones with professional, experienced caretakers who will treat your family just as well as you would, there are additional offerings that must be included in the program that you choose.

Please review the following 11 concepts, services, and offerings that must be available from the senior living community program place your loved ones with.

Tip #1: Sit In On Scheduled Activities

It behooves you to gain first-hand experience when it comes to the type of activities and programs that are offered at the independent or assisted living program you select.

Make sure you ask the director of operations or manager if you and your loved ones can attend one or two of their planned events to see:

  • Are they well attended?
  • Are the staff and other participants/attendees enjoying the program?
  • Does their calendar of events align or match with the interests of your loved ones?
  • Does the community offer off-site trips?

If religion is important, make sure you ask about the type of services your potential community offers and if it relates to your personal faith. You can go beyond this and ask to speak with the person or people who are responsible for putting on these types of religious services to get more of a feel for how well your loved ones will mesh with their philosophy.

Tip #2: Review the Property’s Level of Cleanliness

If your body seems to cringe and tingle as soon as you walk into a particular senior community, it’s probably a sign that the rest of the property will not live up to your expectations around appropriate standards for your family or loved ones.

Go beyond the immediate furnishings and check into back corners, underneath any and all crevices, and every air vent that is attached to your potential room.

Make sure you ask a manager how often housekeeping is provided for personal living spaces, as well as how often:

  • The floors are vacuumed
  • The shades are dusted
  • Bedding is changed/washed
  • The windows are cleaned

While these questions may seem trivial initially, it’s important to keep in mind that the immune system of your elderly loved one is much weaker than it used to be. If they are continuously exposed to harmful germs and bacteria or debilitating diseases, their health and overall well-being will significantly diminish.

Tip #3: Does the Staff Seem To Genuinely Care?

The attitude and extent of concern employed by your potential senior community’s staff is one of the most important factors for you to consider.

Make sure that when you’re touring a particular facility, that you keep a close eye on how well several staff members treat and interact with other residents.

Ask yourself:

  • “Does the staff listen to each person and are they making eye contact?”
  • “Does the staff welcome each resident with a hug?”
  • “Does the staff and executive members greet each resident by their first name?”

If the answer is yes to each one of these questions, then you are probably in the presence of a community that truly cares about each person and makes the time to get to know each individual, their interests, and needs.

Tip #4: Stay For Dinner and Taste the Food

When visiting a particular senior living community in Beaverton, make sure you check out the dining experience firsthand.

Hearthstone happens to be extremely fortunate and unique to have had the same chef for several years, who has served notable critics and celebrities like Julia Child.

Each meal we prepare is healthy, delicious, and aligns with the specific dietary needs of our residents.

Even more so, our residents often come to each meal with a group of other residents, creating a fun and dynamic experience that provides the type of warmth that is usually found in your home.

Tip #5: Understand the Ins-and-Outs of Their Personal Care Programs

Asking questions about personal care is extremely important. Making sure that the staff treats everyone with respect and dignity, as well as seeing whether or not other residents look clean and fresh goes a long way in assessing the type of personal care commitment your potential community offers.

Tip #6: Medical Care

When evaluating your potential community’s healthcare services, the following criteria must be addressed:

  • Does the senior living community effectively promote health care as part of its branding?
  • Does their medical care programs and systems differ from other communities in the immediate area?
  • What type of on-site staffing do they possess and offer? Will your senior loved ones have direct access to a registered nurse (RNs) or a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPNs)?
  • Does the community have a record of resident complaints on file? If so, ask to review it yourself to see what type of complaints have been offered and how they were handled or resolved.

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