5 Things You Need to About Memory Care


In America, around 40% of people older than 65 have age-associated memory impairment. Every year, only 1% of them develop dementia.

While your loved one might be under your care for now, there comes a time where they might be in better hands at a memory care facility.

So, what is memory care? What can memory care facilities offer? Before you start Googling “memory care near me,” read this article for 5 things you should know.

1. They’re Different From Assisted Living Facilities

When looking for memory care facilities, you might come across the term “assisted living facility.”

Some might think they’re synonymous with one another, but they actually have different types of licensing. Memory care facilities are dedicated to helping those with dementia and/or Alzheimer’s in their daily routines.

Curious about what other levels of care we offer? Learn about the difference between independent living and assisted living here.

2. They Have Specialized Staff

Residents with memory issues have different care requirements than other seniors. So naturally, this means that memory care living facilities have specialized staff to take care of those needs.

These professionals have the proper training and experience to assist those who have memory problems. This helps ensure that the resident’s time in the community is comfortable and pleasant. It also ensures that they’re receiving the right care to combat advancing symptoms of memory loss.

3. They’ll Receive Assistance in Their Daily Lives

In memory care facilities, residents will get help going about their daily lives. They’re in their golden years, so they shouldn’t have to spend their precious time doing grueling household chores.

In memory care living, residents enjoy loving care 24 hours a day. Staff at Anna’s Place are trained and selected for their ability to create a loving, respectful, and person-directed home environment for each resident. Memory care at Hearthstone at Murrayhill has its own full-time registered nurse on site, who oversees and manages all the health services. You can have peace of mind knowing they won’t have to strain themselves or get stressed out about daily chores.

4. There Are Lots of Social Activities Available

Loneliness is something very common in the elderly, and it can have more than just emotional effects. In fact, it can greatly impact brain health and contribute to cognitive decline, as well as other physical issues.

This is why it’s important that residents have access to various social activities. Residents enjoy activities such as music, exercise, scenic drives, art therapy, animal therapy, games, and many special events. These activities can not only keep your loved one socially happy, but also exercise and strengthen their cognitive skills.

5. They’ll Enjoy Good Dining

Everyone in our community enjoys fresh and healthy meals everyday prepared by our in-house kitchen staff. See an example of our menu here.

Look Into Memory Care Facilities Today

Now you have some vital information on memory care facilities. If your loved one’s been struggling with memory-related issues, then hopefully, this article has put your mind at ease regarding memory care living.

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