Tips for How Seniors Can Stay Safe During the Winter Months

Tips for How Seniors Can Stay Safe During the Winter Months | Independent Living CommunityIce and snow can lead to dangerous conditions during the winter months.

Slips and falls among the elderly increases substantially between November and February. 

Staying inside when conditions are icy and cold is always the best plan, however, sometimes this is not possible.

The most significant danger facing seniors during the winter is hypothermia, as sluggish metabolism and circulation make them more vulnerable.

Caregivers should make a point always to have the thermostat set to 68 degrees or above.Inline image 1

Staying Safe Throughout Winter

When outdoors, prevent heat loss by making sure that your loved ones are dressed in a warm hat, scarf, and gloves or mittens. Have them choose a good pair of winter boots for stability and warmth.

Caregivers should pay particular attention to their loved one’s skin, as dry indoor air and cold outdoor conditions can cause irritation and chapping.

The following suggestions may be helpful for staying safe throughout the winter.

Assistive Devices

When needed and appropriate, use devices such as canes and walkers and keep an eye out for icy patches.

If conditions appear to be slippery or dangerous, it is always best to stay inside and reschedule plans.

Don’t Go Out Alone

Make sure that your senior loved one is always accompanied by someone who can provide hands-on assistance when venturing out.

An arm or shoulder to hold onto can help prevent sudden falls, as well as instill a sense of confidence and safety.


Install adequate lighting on driveways and walkways.

Carry a flashlight with you at all times since it tends to get dark around 4:30 p.m. between November and February.

Proper Nutrition

The winter tends to invite a more relaxed attitude when it comes to staying in shape and avoiding sugary sweets. 

Make sure that your senior loved one is eating regular, nutritious meals and staying active by participating in one of the fitness programs offered at Hearthstone.  

Adjust Your Schedule

If inclement weather is expected, stockpile the kitchen and reschedule appointments so that your loved one can stay inside.

Purchase plenty of bottled water, a first aid kit, candles, and canned goods to hold you over in case of a temporary power outage. 

Snow/Ice Treatment

Have your driveway and walkways shoveled and salted whenever it snows, or an ice storm passes through. 

Consider hiring a company to take care of this job for you. 

Test the Walkway

Before charging out the front door or down the driveway, check the sidewalk to see if it is icy.

Be sure to take it slow and stay by your loved one’s side.


When glasses are out of focus, walkways and driveways may appear to be fine when they are in fact icy.  Schedule an eye exam to learn more about your loved one’s vision and whether or not they require new eyewear.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

Make sure that your loved one is dressed appropriately for the weather.

Wear rubber soled, nonskid boots or shoes.  Layer their clothing so they can retain their body heat more easily.

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