The Importance of Hiring an Elder Law Attorney

hearthstone senior community living near portland oregon | hearthstone at beavertonTransitioning into an independent living community can be a smooth, positive experience with the right type of planning.

When preparations aren’t made in advance, the decision to move can become extremely stressful for seniors and their families.

One way to avoid this stress is to enlist the support of a local elder law attorney.

The Importance of Planning Ahead

Hiring an attorney is not something that naturally comes top of mind for most seniors and their families. However, there are a variety of legal concerns that can arise at any point and when such matters are not addressed with the right representation, the consequences can be life altering.

Drafting a will, changing residences, and granting power of attorney are all major decisions that have enormous legal implications. By trying to manage these subjects without legal counsel, seniors are putting themselves, their family, and their property at risk.

Working with an Attorney Can Help You Ask the Right Questions

When transitioning into an independent living community, there may be a number of difficult subjects that arise and need to be addressed.

The National Elder Law Foundation states that aging and end-of-life plans can be extremely emotional and difficult to discuss, causing most people to ignore or put off particular subjects for too long. By hiring an attorney who specializes in elder law, families can relieve some of the tension that is associated with discussing personal matters related to health and money.

Even families that are comfortable with discussing these types of subjects can benefit from the support of an attorney, who can provide peace of mind and confirmation that the right steps are being taken to protect the welfare of their aging family member(s). The legal world is incredibly complex and anyone who is not familiar with legislation that focuses on seniors can easily make the wrong choice when trying to make decisions dedicated to estate planning or medical care preparation.

When Is It Time To Hire An Elder Law Attorney?

The National Association of Elder Law Attorneys recommends that seniors and their family members research affordable services dedicated to property, health, and finance.

Managing health care claims, creating/updating wills, and establishing trusts require the attention and support of an experienced attorney who knows how to ensure that all requests and demands are upheld.

For families who are interested in learning more about the services of an elder law attorney, many local and national organizations can offer referrals.

Although the idea of placing your loved one in someone else’s care may be hard to imagine, allowing professionals to take over your caregiving services may be the best way to provide overall support.

Working with a professionally managed community that has a full-time registered nurse can give you peace of mind, knowing that your loved one is just an arm’s length away from medical support.

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