Talking About Long-Term Care and Visiting Elderly Loved Ones During The Holidays

Talking About Long-Term Care with Eldery Loved Ones Near Portland Oregon | Senior Living CommunityThe holidays offer families an opportunity to gather together and celebrate all of the wonderful things that are taking place in their lives.

The positive family sentiment that’s created by the holiday season makes it the perfect time to discuss and plan for the future.

Discussing Long-Term Care

Speaking with elderly family members about long-term care may not seem like the most pleasant conversation to have during the holidays, but there couldn’t be a better time to approach the topic, according to The Reporter.

The reason for this is because the holiday season tends to solicit personal acknowledgment for the things that provide value to our lives, while also demonstrating appreciation for those around us. For these reasons, now is the perfect time to thank the various caregivers who are already looking after loved ones, while also determining who can provide the best type of direct care for other members of the family.

Approaching the Topic of Independent or Assisted Living

The feelings of love and companionship that are conjured up as a result of the holidays help soften the discussion around moving aging loved ones into an independent or assisted living community.

According to The Mayo Clinic, it doesn’t matter what type of event is taking place or what time of the year it is, families should bring up this topic before any type of transitioning needs to take place based on medical or personal dilemmas.

 Visiting Elderly Loved Ones during the Holidays

After you have a discussed and decided to transition your elderly loved ones into an independent or assisted living community, it’s important to demonstrate that such a move has not created any type of disconnect.

Capitalize on the school and work vacations that tend to come with the holidays by taking your family to visit those who recently moved into the senior care community.

Keep in mind that while the holidays are a special time to celebrate with friends and family, it can also be a difficult time for seniors who may have lost someone dear to them or are reminded of lost traditions.

It’s important to keep a close eye on your elderly loved ones’ behaviors to see if anything out of the ordinary is taking place, such as a sudden loss of appetite or inability to express joy.

Providing Support and Remaining Attentive

One of the first steps in ensuring that your senior loved ones feel comfortable and important in their new environment is to surround them with relatives, especially those who haven’t had the chance to visit in some time.

As you put together plans for a holiday family reunion, keep these recommendations in mind in order to help make your older relatives feel appreciated, respected, and loved.

Be Mindful of Their Feelings

Over six million adults over the age of 65 suffer from depression, according to Unfortunately, only ten percent of those who suffer from depression actually receive the type of support that’s required to effectively address this condition.

Depression among seniors tends to be the result of significant life changes, such as the loss of a partner, physical or mental impairments, or transitioning from one’s home to a senior living community.

Even if your loved ones aren’t exhibiting traditional symptoms associated with depression, it’s still important to make sure that they aren’t displaying any type of sign that suggests unusual sadness or anxiety.

If your loved one shows signs of depression, try to create a schedule that has at least one family member providing direct, in-person support at all hours of the day so that your senior loved one is never alone. During your visits, make sure that your senior loved one has control over the conversation and that you remain an active listener or participant.

If your senior loved one seems to be focusing on subjects that make them upset, try to carefully steer the conversation in a more positive direction by bringing up favorite moments you have shared throughout the years.

Remind your loved one that you are very happy they are in your life and that they play a special role in what makes your family important.

Dedicate Time for what’s Important to Them

If your senior loved one enjoys a particular holiday tradition or activity, make sure that such considerations are included in your plans.

If they enjoy getting the whole family together to observe some type of religious tradition or are interested in playing card games with everyone involved, make sure that the whole family is involved and attentive.

This shows your senior loved ones that the whole family is invested in fulfilling their direct needs, while also creating a sense of normalcy in their new environment.

Bring the Holiday Spirit to Them

If possible, take your senior loved ones out for a car ride to see all of the wonderful Christmas lights in nearby neighborhoods or parks.

According to the American Medical Resource Institute, taking your senior loved ones in some type of meaningful trip during the holidays is extremely effective for helping them remain optimistic during holiday gatherings, especially if they are feeling down and gloomy.

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