Signs That It’s Time to Move Your Loved One into Our Senior Living Community


More than 15 million Americans invest their energy and resources in taking care of a loved one who suffers with Alzheimer’s disease or some form of dementia.

For the family of the affected, caregivers tend to find themselves unable to manage the type of stress and cost that comes with constantly monitoring their behavior, while also balancing other routine commitments.

When taking care of your loved ones becomes too overwhelming and your personal obligations are beginning to falter, it may be time to consider moving them into a secure senior living community.

When Senior Living Becomes Necessary

Helping a family member move into some type of secure environment  can be a difficult decision to make. However, when the following signs become noticeable on a regular basis, moving them into a controlled environment where they can receive the support and attention they need, trumps the emotional toll of wondering whether you are making the right decision.

When is it  Time to Visit Our Senior Living Communities

Aggression/Sharp Mood Swings

Physical and verbal aggression are common symptoms of dementia. For caregivers who have to experience their once kind, loving family members suddenly become violent in some manner, the experience can cause confusion, anger, and even resentment over time.

When the demeanor of your loved one radically changes, looking into professional support services should follow.

Sundowning Syndrome

Similar to sharp, violent mood swings, Sundowner Syndrome indicates a higher level of agitated behavior that becomes more pronounced as the day progresses. The effects of this condition on caregivers are also similar to their development of aggressive behavior and can lead to unnecessary resentment.


This tends to take place in the later stages of dementia and poses a significant risk for your loved one’s safety and wellbeing.

Certified medical specialists view this stage of dementia as similar to having to monitor a small child, where leaving them alone for only a few seconds can lead to problematic or dangerous situations.

When you as the caregiver become completely entrenched in having to watch what your loved one is doing, especially when it affects your personal and professional commitments, it’s time to visit our locally owned senior living community.

Home Safety Concerns

Being honest and objective when it comes to evaluating the conditions of your senior family member’s home environment is a must when determining whether it’s time to look into a secure environment for them.

If your loved one is frequently tripping, injuring themselves, or living in a multi-story home and the possibility of falling down the stairs exists, you should think about ways that help mitigate such risks.

If Their Health Condition Becomes Worse

If your grandparent or parent has been affected by some type of condition or illness or they have other physical issues and it is only progressing, bringing them to a senior living community before it gets too hard to move them is important. This ensures that they are able to adjust to their new environment and living situation before things worsen.

When One or More of These Signs are Present, It’s Time to Give Us a Call

Placing your loved family member in our locally owned and managed senior living communities in Beaverton provides peace of mind for you as the caregiver, as well as ensure that your parent or grandparent is safe, sound, and comfortable.

At Hearthstone of Beaverton, our boutique-style community contains over 50 different Assisted Living apartments that range from private studios to one or two bedrooms.

At Hearthstone at Murrayhill, we offer Independent, Assisted Living, and Memory Care. Our team of friendly, professional staff are available to our residents 24 hours a day and includes a full-time registered nurse at each building.

Our goal is to serve our residents, their families and guests with love, respect, and integrity at all times. We understand that our clients are your loved ones and always make sure to treat them as if they are our family.

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