Senior Citizen Phone Scams

senior-scam-alertIn recent years, identity theft has been at the top of the crime statistics.  Senior citizens are the most at risk for this type of crime.  They were raised in an era where people were expected to be honest, trusting and polite…qualities that con artists happen to find particular appealing. Heed the warnings from the FBI that if an offer sounds too good to be true, IT IS!

There was a story just this month that came out about a woman living in Hillsboro who was scammed out of $750,000! The scam involved someone posing as a soldier who was being held hostage.  Many senior citizens don’t hear well over the phone or might be forgetful.  To cover for the fact they can’t hear so well or don’t remember, they might agree to things over the phone or provide information that shouldn’t be shared.

Please read in this article for more information on how you can prevent yourself or someone you know from being scammed.

Phone Scam: 90-Year-Old Nearly Lost Savings to Common Rip-Off
Ann Brenoff of The Huffington Post

…”They knew precisely what to say to her,” Popovich said. The information the caller requested included her bank account and routing numbers, her Social Security number, address and other information that would allow identity theft and a withdrawal of Christensen’s funds.