Life Continues at Hearthstone—despite the pandemic


When Kay Elliot (pictured on the left pre-COVID) moved into Hearthstone at Murrayhill in 2013 she never would have guessed seven years later she would be living at the community during a pandemic. Elliot moved into Hearthstone’s independent community with her husband, until he had to move to memory care community.  Looking to downsize, she was lucky to get, in her opinion “the best apartment in the community”, a one-bedroom turret which features a large balcony that on a clear day you can see the peak of Mt. Hood and beautiful sunrise and sunsets each day.  

A couple years later she became our volunteer librarian, which keeps her busy labeling books and encouraging other residents to read in her monthly article in the Murrayhill Times newsletter.  

But in Spring of 2020 life changed not only at Hearthstone at Murrayhill, but everywhere with the emergence of the novel coronavirus. Elliot says for her not too much has changed and she is perfectly content in her apartment, but she misses eating with other residents the most. 

To keep busy during the day she walks around the building, chats at safe distances with other residents, and colors in her coloring book and displays her finished pages on her front door.  

She also misses seeing her grandchildren. But her family keeps her in the loop with an App called Tiny Beans. Each day Elliot checks her emails to see pictures and videos that her family uploads to the app and she can respond with a comment or send a cute emoji.

It’s nice to know somebody is taking care of you and doing things for you.

Kay Elliot

Elliot also has acquired the job of delivering the morning newspapers to residents. She misses her lazy mornings but has grown appreciative of the interactions she has. “There is one resident who calls me the prettiest paper girl” and then they banter back and forth.  

Another milestone she will experience during the pandemic is her birthday. She already has a few cards and a flower basket. She’s not sure what her family has in store for her birthday, but knows they will get together once everything calms down.  

When asked if she felt safer in a community compared to her house she pondered, “It’s nice to know somebody is taking care of you and doing things for you.”

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