How To Maintain A Healthy Heart As You Age

How To Maintain A Healthy Heart As You Age | Senior and Assisted Living Near Portland, ORThere’s never a bad time to discuss the importance of maintaining a healthy heart, particularly for seniors.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cardiovascular disease is the primary cause of death for men and women throughout the U.S.

In fact, heart disease is responsible for taking over 600,000 lives each year.

For seniors:

  • 42.2 million American adults who are at least 60 years of age have Coronary Vascular Disease (CVD)

  • For those between 60 – 79-years old: 21.1% of men and 10.6% of women have Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)
  • For those between 60 – 74 years old: 63.9% of men and 70.8% of women have high blood pressure

Common Causes of Heart Disease

Living with high blood pressure, unhealthy cholesterol levels, and smoking cigarettes are the top contributors to heart disease, although there are other factors that increase your chances of developing the condition.

Seniors who have diabetes, are overweight, maintain an unhealthy diet, and rarely exercise should seek immediate professional support.

How Seniors Can Prevent Heart Disease

There are some proactive solutions that seniors can take advantage of when it comes to preventing heart disease.

Follow a Mediterranean Diet

Following a Mediterranean diet allows you to avoid particular kinds of food that contain Trans fat.

Food such as salmon, almonds, hummus, olives, and fruits are all consumed as a part of this diet plan.  

Exercise and Remain Active

Seniors who maintain sedentary lifestyles increase their risk of developing heart disease.

According to studies conducted by Tufts University, the majority of seniors living in the U.S. do not exercise enough.

To combat this, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that those who are 60 years or older should exercise for at least three hours each week, while also following through with some muscle strengthening program.

For those who have not exercised for some time, start out slow to avoid fatigue and injury. Try starting out by walking for 30 minutes, three times per week before gradually adding more time to your routine.

Get Rid of Loneliness & Isolation

A 2016 study conducted by the CDC connected loneliness and isolation to a higher risk of mortality for seniors aged 60 and older.

Unfortunately for many senior adults, isolation can lead to a variety of severe mental and physical conditions.

The experience of isolation and loneliness can develop into physical illnesses for seniors. The amount of stress that tends to exist for those who feel isolated from their peers or distant from their loved ones can cause high blood pressure, stroke, or heart attack.

One of the most efficient ways to prevent your senior loved ones from feeling lonely or isolated is through independent or senior assisted living support. In addition to the comfort and attention that Hearthstone’s staff offers on a daily basis, our caregivers can also assist you with your daily responsibilities, medications, appointments, and dietary choices.

Other Quick Tips for Seniors and Heart Disease Prevention

Some of the more straightforward ways to reduce the chances of developing heart disease include:

Quit smoking – If you do smoke cigarettes, today’s the perfect day to stop. The staff at Hearthstone can connect you to a variety of onsite and local resources that help you finally kick this unhealthy habit.

Watch your numbers – Schedule regular medical check-ups to keep track of any particular condition that could affect your heart, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

Reduce your alcohol intake – Drinking alcohol in excess contributes to heart disease, as well as blood pressure, arrhythmias, and high cholesterol levels. Although the occasional glass of red wine may be approved by your primary physician, you should consider eliminating alcohol from your diet entirely to avoid heart disease.

Minimize stress in your life – Stress can easily lead to heart disease if not managed properly. If you often feel overwhelmed, ask your doctor or one of the experienced staff members at Hearthstone for recommendations around stress management and reduction.

Watch your weight. Carrying too many pounds places a significant amount of stress on your body and strain on your heart. If you need to lose some weight to protect your heart’s health, ask our staff about the kinds of activities and fitness programs Hearthstone offers its residents.

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