How Technology Makes Senior Living Better At Hearthstone


Wii Bowling FunFrom cell phones to smart appliances, technology is an essential part of our everyday routines. At Hearthstone Senior Living, we’re continually looking for new ways that we can utilize technology to make life better for our residents.

It Starts with Safety 

Two of the primary reasons that residents (and their families) first look at senior living are health and safety concerns. Families concerned about a loved one have the peace of mind of knowing that Hearthstone apartments have emergency pullcords, motion sensors that enable staff to know if a resident has fallen out of bed, and even silent door alarms that can be set for specific hours of the night.

Hearthstone at Murrayhill also has electronic door keys, similar to a hotel system, where a key is assigned to each person. The last 100 entries into an apartment are recorded, so if a resident ever has a question as to who has been in their apartment, they are able to be identified.

Beyond this, both Hearthstone Senior Living communities utilize digital iAlert technology, which is connected to a wearable pendant to ensure our residents’ well-being. When a resident presses the pendant, it immediately sends a call to all caregivers and med aids on site, and vibrates to let the resident know their call has been received. Unlike a pager or walkie-talkie, the iAlert system is quiet and discreet to protect residents’ privacy. And it allows for a rapid response: At Hearthstone of Beaverton, the average time from alert-to-arrival is just two minutes after the pendant is pressed.

At Hearthstone at Murrayhill, the iAlert system is also a valuable tool for independent living residents. Residents “check in” with the system twice daily, to let the staff know when they are up for the day, and when they’re safely in their apartments at night. The system is also connected to the fire alarm, and can pinpoint the location of the apartment the alarm was sounded in if it goes off.

The pendant is included as part of the monthly rent at both Hearthstone communities, giving residents an extra sense of security at no extra charge. Unlike “life alert” type systems, our residents are free to use the pendants for non-emergencies as well: If they have a question, need a small repair, or want to request other assistance. We like to think of it as a convenient “electronic concierge,” available at any time of the day or night.

Technology Made Just for Fun

While technology plays a vital role in our residents’ safety at Hearthstone Senior Living, it can also be a whole lot of fun. Both communities feature a unique, interactive technology called “It’s Never Too Late” (iN2L) for entertainment and social connection.

IN2l SystemThe system is easy to use, with a picture-based, touch-screen interface that lets residents simply “touch” their way to engaging content that plays on a big screen, TV-sized monitor. There’s no computer expertise required! Each resident can have his or her own home page on the system, preset with all their favorite choices (and can personalize it even more with family photos, videos, and their life story).

There’s a huge variety of programs to choose from: sing-alongs, spiritual devotions, daily workouts, educational videos, interactive games, brain exercises, creative activities, classic radio and TV, and much more. One of our Hearthstone of Beaverton residents (a retired pilot) regularly uses the flight simulator to “travel” to different countries, taking his friends in the community along for the journey.

In addition to hours of entertainment, the iN2L system also gives Hearthstone residents without personal computers a safe, secure connection to family, friends and favorite websites. The system’s built-in email and webcam capabilities make it easy to stay in touch with loved ones via Skype and email.

Our residents help decide what activities they want to have on the iN2L system—and with over 3,000 choices available, new programs can be upgraded or added every month. Like every social activity at Hearthstone Senior Living, families are always welcome to come in and enjoy alongside the residents!

The Most Important Interface

As vital as technology is to the safety, health and well-being of our residents, Hearthstone believes that the most essential “interface” is human connection. Our communities are focused on knowing each individual resident personally and building caring relationships. It’s a difference you can feel the moment you step inside. We invite you to come see for yourself—call or click to set up a personal tour today.


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