What To Expect After Moving Into An Assisted Living Community In Beaverton Oregon | Hearthstone Senior LivingOnce the decision has been made that moving to assisted living is the best option for your senior loved one’s overall quality of life, it’s important to have the right expectation around the move itself and settling into a new living space.

For many seniors, moving out of their homes because of their health, mobility issues or safety concerns may have been a final option to ensure they will receive the level of care they need to thrive. For others, the interest of downsizing and moving into a community that provides comprehensive services is the perfect way to enjoy retirement.

Settling into an Assisted Living Community

Deciding to move to an assisted living community is the first step in this important process. The next step is to identify a community that provides all of the amenities and services your senior loved one deserves. Once you have achieved this, planning your loved one’s move-in day and helping them get acclimated to their new surroundings is important for new residents and their family members alike.

Tips for New Residents

Your senior loved one may feel a bit uneasy or uncomfortable when they first move to an assisted living community. These feelings of anxiety are perfectly normal and can be addressed through reassurance, support, and education. When moving into Hearthstone’s assisted living community, consider the following tips for making the transition as comfortable as possible.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask Questions

The staff at Hearthstone’s assisted living community is there to help you feel as safe and as welcome as possible. If you feel uneasy about anything, you can approach one of our staff members for immediate help. We provide 24/7 assistance to all residents, while also respecting each person’s right to privacy.

Get to Know the Other Residents

Assisted living communities understand the importance of social activities for seniors, and new residents should be able to find ways to make friends and create new relationships easily. Staying socially active helps create a sense of home and purpose for many of our residents, which is why we offer numerous events and activities each month that range from exercise classes to day trips. These events continuously change throughout the year based on each season, giving your senior loved one plenty of opportunities to get to know their new neighbors.

Keep an Open Mind

Although moving to assisted living may seem like a significant life change, new residents should try to keep an open mind and embrace their new lifestyle. There are plenty of opportunities to explore your new home, visit nearby restaurants, or take part in one of your favorite hobbies. At Hearthstone, our goal is to provide a safe, enjoyable experience that allows each member to live the life they want. If you or your senior loved one ever needs anything, our staff is here for you.

Tips for Family Members

The move to assisted living is a transitional period for the family members, too, who want to make sure their senior loved one is as safe and as comfortable as possible. A few ways family members can help their loved ones settle in include:

Help Set Up Their New Home

You can help establish a sense of familiarity of your loved one’s previous home by bringing personal items like photos and furniture. Talk to your loved one about which items they want to bring with them while sharing personal stories that center around their home and favorite possessions. Moving into a new community is a significant transition, especially if your loved one has lived in their homes for many years. You can help make the transition easier by acknowledging the past, while also creating excitement around their new home.

Maintain Regular Contact

Family members play a vital role in this life-changing event for their aging loved ones. Visiting often, talking on the phone, and connecting with staff members provides peace of mind for both the family member and the new resident.

Support Your Loved One’s Independence

Family members should let go of some of the guilt they may be feeling in regards to the move to assisted living. Recognize that the move was for the best interests of everyone involved, and try not to become overprotective, as this can easily keep loved ones from successfully adapting to life in the assisted living community.

Hearthstone’s Assisted Living Communities Are A Safe and Worry-Free Environment

Assisted Living Communities Near Beaverton Oregon | Hearthstone Senior LivingFrom the amount of love and respect our staff has for each resident to the type of programs we offer daily, we strive to maintain an environment that allows our residents to live worry free. When the time comes to decide where your senior loved ones will enjoy their retirement, contact the staff at Hearthstone to schedule a tour of our assisted and independent living communities.

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