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Living with Memory Loss

Hosting Holiday Gatherings When A Loved One Has Alzheimer's Disease

Most of our most precious holiday memories involve our senior loved ones! Grandma’s baked apple pies made the entire house smell as sweet as sugar… Dad carved the turkey… One of your uncles dressed up as Santa … Mom coordinated the whole event with her phenomenal organizational skills. Holiday festivities change when your beloved elders…

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Prevent Alzheimer's Disease From Developing With These Five Tips

Although no treatment regimen or drug therapy has been found as of yet to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, lifestyle choices and changes can make a significant difference in your risk of developing the condition. Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention Researchers are now discovering that certain lifestyle practices and healthy habits appear to reduce your likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s…

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Is it Forgetfulness or Something More?

Recently an out of town visitor stopped into one of our communities after visiting with her 72 year old mother who lives in the neighborhood. She hadn’t seen her mother in six months and was panicked when her mother didn’t recognize her. Thinking her mother might need to have her eyes checked, she asked if…

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