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The Best Mobile Apps For Seniors

Most Useful Mobile Applications For Seniors Near Beaverton, Oregon | Assisted LivingWhen describing smartphone consumers, many people immediately think of Millennials.

However, smartphone devices and mobile apps have evolved into practical resources that are used to help improve the quality life for everyone, from children to senior citizens.

When it comes to independent senior living, more people over the age of 50 are embracing smartphone technology each year. According to a recent report offered by the Pew Research Center, more than half of America’s senior citizens are active Internet and smartphone users, consuming up to fifteen hours of digital content each week.

Mobile applications help seniors stay connected to ongoing events throughout their local community and abroad, as well as:

  • Provide guidance on managing medication
  • Help stimulate brain activity
  • Keep track of daily and weekly appointments
  • Maintain a healthy diet based on calories and vitamin intake

Best Moble Applications For Seniors

To learn more about the world of smartphones and how they can support your senior loved one’s ability to stay attached to their community, check out the following Top 11 list of mobile applications that are perfect for even the most casual online user:


Uber is a must-have application for seniors who are not comfortable or able to drive any longer. It helps connect seniors to certified, professional drivers who will pick you up at your front door within a matter of minutes and take you to your doctor’s appointments, the grocery store or wherever you need to go.

The cost of an Uber driver is similar to a taxi, only the quality of the vehicles and the overall experience tends to be superior with most drivers offering stylish, safe rides, free beverages, and the occasional snack.

Download Here: Uber

The Weather Channel

If you are interested in checking the weather before heading out of the house or your assisted living residence, the Weather Channel has an app that’s perfect for you!

By downloading this mobile application, you can receive immediate forecasts in real-time, alerts around changing conditions, and browse through detailed maps that help plan out your day.

Download Here: The Weather Channel App


Stay connected to friends and family members wherever they are located by downloading the Skype mobile application. Skype is a free messaging service that allows you to easily make video phone calls to your children, send text messages to your friends, and share images with the grandkids.

This is the perfect mobile application for anyone who staying connected to loved ones who live far away from Beaverton or out of the state.

Download Here: Skype


This mobile app is offered by the world’s largest bookstore, Barnes & Noble, and helps you stay connected to your favorite books, as well as current events.

There are over 4 million best-selling publications, newspapers, and other exciting forms of literature available and users can select from thousands of genres that include business, food, politics, and fiction.

Download Here: Nook


Staying mentally sharp is important for aging seniors everywhere, which is why Elevate is a must-have. This particular mobile application provides various brain-stimulating puzzles that help keep your memory, math skills, and processing abilities sharp.

Elevate offers personalized programs that evolve based on each user’s experience and development.

Download Here: Elevate


For those who need to follow through with a particular medication schedule, Medisafe is the app for you!

This program helps you keep track of your daily vitamin and medication schedule, manage pill usage, and even records individual blood pressure readings to help you determine the status of your health.

Users can send this information to their doctors, nurses, and other relevant parties – keeping everyone on the same page.

Download Here: Medisafe


Whether you enjoy classic hits from the 50s and 60s or you’re a bleeding punk rock fan, Spotify allows you to listen to any artist or album for free.

Relax and unwind or get a birthday party started using Spotify’s extensive catalog of musicians, artists, and genres.

Download Here: Spotify

Words with Friends

Scrabble enthusiasts can now play anytime with family, friends, and even other interested gamers using Words with Friends.

This online crossword game allows users to challenge their friends and loved ones throughout the world, supporting cognitive and mathematical development.

Download Here:  Words with Friends


You can easily manage your personal fitness and dietary needs with the Fitbit mobile application.

This program syncs up with the popular Fitbit tracker but also functions on its own.

Keep track of your steps throughout the day, create an exercise routine or hiking route using the app’s GPS features, and record your daily meals to ensure that your health is intact at all times.

Download Here: Fitbit

Red Panic Button

If you live by yourself, downloading Red Panic Button can be the difference between receiving medical attention within a few minutes to several hours.

With a simple touch of the application’s large red button, an automated text message is immediately sent out to local authorities and your personal caregivers with GPS details that specify your exact location.

Download Here ($1.99): Red Panic Button

Find My iPhone

This is perfect if you have a difficult time keeping track of your smartphone or tablet device. Easily use this program to locate all of your devices using the application’s unique GPS system.

Download Here: Find my iPhone

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