Affordable Independent Living for Seniors in Beaverton


When it’s time to retire, you deserve to live in comfort and dignity. When it comes to choosing the right senior living facility, you should look for one that considers your unique needs. When you’re looking for independent senior living in Beaverton, Oregon, Hearthstone is the right choice for you.

Hearthstone Senior Living offers a warm, welcoming community and hire passionate, caring staff who are ready to support your day-to-day living. We provide independent senior living, assisted living, memory care, and respite care based on what our resident seniors need. This diverse set of care types means that you or your loved one will be in good hands with us and that we’ll be able to balance their unique needs with any preference for independent living. 

Independent living strikes a balance between the support and assistance that improves a seniors' quality of life and the autonomy we all deserve.

Personalized Care and Support

Independent Living in Beaverton, OR

If you’re wondering what is independent living, the answer is that it’s a minimalistic form of care for seniors who don’t feel much need for day-to-day support. They can opt-in for various forms of day-to-day help and assistance and can count on assistance in the case of any emergencies or errands they need the home to perform for them. On the other hand, seniors who need more assistance can also request assisted living care instead. But that raises the question, what’s the difference between independent living and assisted living?

Assisted Living Care

The difference between independent living and assisted living lays in the amount and type of support that the resident desires. While an independent living resident can request help with errands and chores, assisted living is suitable for those who need day-to-day care. Help with dressing, hygiene care, sitting and standing, and similar tasks fall under the umbrella of assisted living care. However, assisted living might simply entail cleaning, laundry, and other tasks. The basic idea behind assisted living and independent living is the same, and that idea is that seniors deserve to live in comfort and dignity. However, different people need different types of care to live comfortably.

Respite Care

If you need temporary support or desire to take a trial run of an independent living facility, you can rely on respite care. Beaverton, Oregon respite care services are perfect for people who have recently been in the hospital or otherwise need support for a short period of time, rather than an indefinite period. 

Independent Senior Living in Beaverton Oregon

Hearthstone at Murrayhill is the best choice of independent living for seniors in Beaverton, OR. In addition to our flexible, personalized variety of care services, we offer a great, welcoming living environment. The location has several common areas where you can mingle with fellow residents, read, watch TV, or play board games. We take care to provide delicious meals to our residents every day, and there’s no effort that we spare to make their stay wonderful. If you’re looking for independent senior living care for yourself or a loved one, schedule a tour with us.

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Hearthstone Senior Living specializes in independent, assisted, and memory care living options in Beaverton, Oregon.

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