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8 Power Foods That Help Seniors Prevent Alzheimer's Disease

foods that help seniors prevent Alzheimer's Disease | Hearthstone CommunitiesSeniors can promote healthy brain function and prevent Alzheimer’s disease by eating the right foods that give your body what it needs to stay active and alert.

Your brain needs a lot of energy to function at its best, and this means powering it with the best food.

Foods That Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

By incorporating these items, you can encourage good brain health:

Avocados are filled with “good” fats that work to keep blood sugar regulated. This regulation is important for brain function. Folate and vitamin K are also found in avocados, which can lessen the risk of stroke and lead to better cognitive function overall.

Avocados also have vitamin B, vitamin C, plenty of protein and the lowest amount of sugar of any fruit, making them a well-rounded nutritional option.

Between ridding your blood of harmful toxins and reducing inflammation, beets are one of the most nourishing foods available when it comes to preventing Alzheimer’s disease. The nitrates found in beets promote blood flow and energy levels, and colorful root vegetables are full of antioxidants that can fight off disease.

Beets are a staple offering – both as a roasted side dish and pickled in our salad bars.

Blueberries are also rich in antioxidants, and these pleasant little fruits have been associated with improved memory and cognitive abilities. Purple or red colored fruits and vegetables often contain anthocyanins, a shielding compound that can decrease inflammation and boost the body’s defense against illnesses.

Try snacking on blueberries during the day or otherwise add them to a salad or other side for larger meals. Many of the breakfast and dessert options at Hearthstone incorporate this tasty berry.

Broccoli is full of vitamin K, which is key to improving brain power and preventing Alzheimer’s disease. Likewise, glucosinolates – a highly concentrated compound found in broccoli – stops the deterioration of a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine. This is essential for a robust nervous system.

Further, low levels of acetylcholine have been found in individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s. Have broccoli as a snack or incorporate it into larger meals. Steamed broccoli is served regularly in our dining room, and is available every day in our salad bars.

The fats and acids contained in fish are very beneficial, especially compared to those found in poultry or red meat. Omega-3 fatty acids in particular are found in abundance in fish such as sardines, trout, mackerel and salmon.

High levels of these fatty acids may help manage stress, limit memory loss and lead to the production of serotonin, a natural mood elevator. Pumpkin, soy beans and linseed also contain these beneficial fatty acids. At Hearthstone, we offer a healthy fish option at least twice weekly.

Different types of nuts are high in protein and can encourage good cardiovascular health. Almonds and walnuts in particular have high levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

The vitamin E contained in nuts is thought to prevent dementia. Walnuts, hazelnuts, and other nuts are staple offerings at Hearthstone.

This ancient spice has been used for thousands of years in South Asia and the Middle East for its potent health benefits. Curcumin, which is found in abundance in turmeric, is one of nature’s strongest inflammation reducers.

In addition, turmeric can promote oxygen intake in the brain, which is vital for staying high-functioning and alert. Hearthstone’s chefs incorporate turmeric in many dishes – most notably in curried entrees.

Whole Grains
While store-bought white bread and other processed carbs can be devoid of nutrients and loaded with sugars, whole grain breads and pastas have plenty of fiber and other essentials. Health Magazine found that when integrated into a well-rounded diet, whole grains are helpful in promoting good cognitive health and are helpful for preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

Likewise whole grain breads and pastas are a way to make healthy dishes a little more exciting and dynamic. Whole grain options are always available in the Hearthstone dining room.

In addition to incorporating the above recommendations when practical, Hearthstone offers a vegetarian option at every meal.

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