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Mission, Vision & Values

Like our parent company, Hearthstone of Beaverton’s mission has always been “to serve with love, respect and integrity.” This includes residents, family members, guests, staff, and anyone with whom we interact. That mission guides our actions every single day.


“Serving with love” is a quality we strive to develop in our organization and nurture in team members. Hearthstone of Beaverton seeks individuals who are naturally kind and compassionate, and works to create an environment where team members feel safe expressing compassion and kindness in their interactions with residents, family members, visitors, and each other. Cultivating these attitudes encourages a strong sense of goodwill and a high level of trust.


Hearthstone of Beaverton is committed to “person-directed care” that focuses on the needs and desires of the resident, rather than what is most convenient, efficient or easiest for the organization. It’s demonstrated daily by:

  • Referring to residents by their preferred name
  • Avoiding patronizing speech that causes one to feel diminished or dependent on others
  • Listening carefully without interruption and offering full attention
  • Honoring each individual’s personal habits, routines, likes, and dislikes

Hearthstone of Beaverton’s flexible dining and living options empower residents to choose how to live life each day: when and what to eat, when to go to bed and when to rise, when and how to bathe, what to wear, what activities to engage in, and who to spend time with. This creates an environment that is personally affirming, satisfying, and meaningful for each resident.


The team members at Hearthstone of Beaverton are held to the highest standards of trustworthiness and reliability. We understand that words and actions matter. There is an expectation that we will be truthful at all times with residents, family members, visitors, and each other. We hold one another accountable for knowing right from wrong — and to choose to do the right thing even when it’s difficult or goes against our self-interest.

Hearthstone of Beaverton’s Senior Care Values

  • We respect each resident for who he or she is as an individual
  • We accept each resident’s choice of lifestyle, choice of care, and need for privacy
  • We offer fulfilling activities and promote meaningful relationships
  • We enable residents to direct their own care and control their own lives
  • We offer spiritual programs and support for those who desire them
  • We value music, art, a beautiful environment, humor, laughter, and having fun together

New employees receive an orientation that emphasizes our Hearthstone values and expectations; and all personnel receives additional training throughout the year. This covers a wide range of relevant topics including resident rights and safety, infection control, emergency preparedness, understanding dementia and the aging process, managing conflict, and providing excellent service.

By hiring good people and retaining them long past industry standards, Hearthstone of Beaverton has developed a reputation for serving residents in a way that exceeds expectations and fosters long-term relationships. Our managers and staff are hired first and foremost for their personal integrity and sincere commitment to seniors, rather than their professional or technical abilities. After all, skills can be taught — but values are an inherent part of a person’s character.

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