Taking a Fresh Approach to Senior Dining

Eating well is one of life’s great pleasures. At Hearthstone Senior Living, sharing time (and lively conversation) over meals together is also a wonderful way to socialize and stay connected to others. That is why both our communities put so much effort into preparing fresh, healthy, and delicious meals for residents.

Beyond Meat and Potatoes

While prior generations often preferred a standard “meat and potatoes” approach to meals, Hearthstone has noticed a growing change in the palates of our newer residents—our chefs are responding with more sophisticated menus, new tastes, and a focus on locally sourced, fresh ingredients for farm-to-table cooking. It’s a unique approach you won’t find in most of the area’s senior living communities.

At Hearthstone of Beaverton, Chef Daxton King is creating more menu items right in the kitchen, from homemade croutons to daily, made-from-scratch soups. It’s all about providing fresher, tastier options.

Rather than relying strictly on foodservice distributors, Chef King is sourcing fresh fish, meats, and poultry directly from local purveyors. He’s also looking to implement hydroponic and organic gardens onsite to grow vegetables and herbs for the kitchen.

In the same way, Hearthstone of Murrayhill’s Chef Patrick Warner eschews the processed and ready-prepared products so common to institutional big-batch cooking. As the former owner of his own successful restaurant (appropriately named “Scratch”), Chef Warner appreciates the difference that choosing local providers and farms—and cooking from scratch—makes in the meals he creates.

Variety Is the Spice of Life

While each Hearthstone community has its own menu offerings, both focus on providing ample variety to keep meals interesting for residents. Seasonal specials are one way to highlight fresh, local items on the menu—while encouraging residents to try something new.

Being sensitive to individual residents’ dietary needs, such as low sodium or gluten-free meals, while keeping food flavorful and appealing is a challenge Hearthstone chefs are well-suited to handle.

Residents’ options and feedback are valued at both Hearthstone communities. The chefs appreciate hearing which menu items the residents especially enjoy, and are open to suggestions about what they’d like to see on future menus. (At Hearthstone of Beaverton, for example, roast beef is such a popular choice that it’s served every other Sunday!)

Enhancing the Experience

The vision of Hearthstone Senior Living is to offer a restaurant-quality dining experience for our residents. While many seniors choose to have their “main meal” at lunchtime, a dinner-sized menu is also offered in the evening to accommodate Hearthstone residents who prefer that option.

Tom Freitag, Executive Director of Hearthstone at Murrayhill, has seen what a great chef can do for dining at a community. While residents have always enjoyed the food at Murrayhill, the experience has really been taken to the next level. “Residents are eating more,” he says. “We’ve seen that more folks are coming down (for meals). They’re getting excited about what’s on the menu.”

Grace Hall, Administrator at Hearthstone of Beaverton, notes a similar response in that community. “Everybody is commenting on the food,” she says. “People are showing up for the meals because they’re so good. I don’t even want to go offsite for lunch because I’d rather eat here.”

Be Our Guest

Hearthstone takes great pride in the meals Chef King and Chef Warner create and serve every day. If you’re considering senior living for yourself or a loved one, we invite you to join us for a complimentary meal at either of our Beaverton communities. Call to set up a personal tour—and come taste (and see) that life at Hearthstone is good!


Hearthstone of Beaverton:


12520 SW Hart Road

Beaverton, OR 97008


Hearthstone at Murrayhill:


10880 SW Davies Road

Beaverton, OR 97008

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