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Hearthstone of Beaverton

Remember when a neighborhood was a place of warm friendships, lighthearted conversations, and a community spirit that made you glad you belonged? That’s the kind of atmosphere you can enjoy every day at Hearthstone of Beaverton. You’ll feel the warmth when you walk in the door. Everywhere you turn there’s conversation, laughter, and a wonderful sense of friendship in the air.

At Hearthstone of Beaverton we value your uniqueness and respect your personal choices. We encourage strong relationships and support intellectual and spiritual growth. We promote maximum physical health and offer an effective wellness program. Hearthstone team members work with you to keep your life meaningful and enriched. Live life to the fullest!

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Daily Life at Hearthstone of Beaverton

Inside Hearthstone of Beaverton

The Art Collection of Hearthstone of Beaverton

The Grounds of Hearthstone of Beaverton


Special Events at Hearthstone of Beaverton