Hearthstone at Murrayhill

Holidays are one of the best reasons to be living at Hearthstone at Murrayhill! For starters, you can leave the holiday decorations to us. Whether it’s Christmas-time, Veterans’ Day, Valentine’s Day, Independence Day, or just a long-awaited spring — we tastefully decorate Hearthstone’s common areas to reflect the holidays and changing seasons that are so important to staying connected to lifelong traditions.

Even more important than decorations, of course, are the ways we celebrate major holidays. Our activity staff members take great pleasure finding ways to relive residents’ favorite traditions that evoke feelings of nostalgia — such as fireworks, Christmas caroling, evening drives to view “Holiday Lights,” military color guards, and patriotic songs.  But our activity team also likes to introduce residents, family members and staff to new holiday experiences. Here are just a few highlights:


  • An open house to view the decorated apartments of participating residents
  • A bazaar of various vendors so residents can shop for gifts without leaving home
  • A gift wrapping station where staff provide assistance
Valentine's Party

Valentine’s Day

  • Each year residents choose their own King and Queen at the most well-attended party of the year
  • The King and Queen are responsible for encouraging residents to show love and compassion for one another on the 14th day of each month

Fourth of July

  • Chef Rai hosts an evening outdoor BBQ, with everyone’s favorite foods
  • Come nightfall, residents and staff, families and guests are invited to gather on one of our rooftop terraces to watch Hearthstone’s very own courtyard fireworks display!


  • Residents and staff go all out designing creative costumes for Halloween
  • Each year at our Halloween party residents hoot and holler as a group of witches, goblins, farm boys, geishas, and movie stars perform their annual “Monster Mash” line dance routine

Ducks vs. Beavers Civil War Game

  • Residents and staff choose which side of the aisle (Ducks or Beavers) they’ll watch the game on a large screen TV
  • There’s always lots of cheering, booing and laughter as people root for their favorite Oregon team
  • And of course there’s a “tail gating” party with all the foods you’d expect: hot dogs and brats, chips and dips, cookies and ice cream
  • After the game, everyone’s a winner!

For holidays Chef Rai cannot resist the opportunity to create a special feast befitting the occasion and designed to attract residents’ families and friends. Some of Rai’s most popular holiday dinners are Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Oktoberfest, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. (Here’s an inside tip: If you haven’t experienced Chef Rai’s walnut-crusted salmon with roasted new potatoes, you haven’t lived!)