Memory Care

Hearthstone at Murrayhill’s Anna’s Place

A specially designed memory care community is available at Hearthstone at Murrayhill for those whose memory loss – caused by Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia – has reached a stage where they require a higher level of support and a smaller, more secure living environment.

Comfortable, Home-like Setting

Anna’s Place Memory Care community has 32 private apartments grouped into three areas (Lily House, Rose House, and Iris House). The three houses are all under one roof and interconnected, which means that memory care residents are able to walk freely between houses to see what’s going on and, if they choose, join in. Each of the three Anna’s Place houses has the same layout: apartments are situated around the perimeter of a common area used for dining, activities and special events. All three houses have their own fully equipped kitchen. The kitchens are not used for everyday meal preparation, but rather for activities, special events and between meal snacks. Each studio apartments has a split Dutch door so that residents can choose for themselves how much privacy they prefer in their own apartment.  When a resident walks out of her apartment, she doesn’t have to negotiate a hallway or wonder where to find someone, because the hub of activity is easily visible from her apartment door. This arrangement (placing apartments around the perimeter of common areas) has the added benefit of enabling staff to be aware of residents who are taking a nap or choosing to stay in their apartments – without invading their right to privacy.

Sensory-Filled Courtyard

Anna’s Place Memory Care community also has a secure, well-designed courtyard with a water feature, manicured gardens, raised garden bed, specially selected plants, and an operational electric train that offers residents an intriguing and vital connection to the outdoors. And because the courtyard is secure, memory care residents are able to safely explore and experience the outdoors both during group activities and individually when they choose to do so.

Secure Environment

All exterior doors in our memory care community are secure. Staff and visitors have easy access and egress by entering a simple code at each entrance door. This system provides important security for Alzheimer care residents who may become disoriented outside their normal living environment.

Staff Dedicated to Memory Care

Anna’s Place Memory Care managers and staff are trained and selected for their ability to create a loving, respectful and person-directed home environment for our residents. Memory Care team members include:

  • A full-time administrator responsible for all aspects of Anna’s Place operations
  • A full-time registered nurse who oversees and manages health care services for residents of Anna’s Place
  • Medication aides and caregivers who provide around-the-clock services and support to Anna’s Place residents
  • Life enrichment staff who plan each day of the week around a variety of stimulating and meaningful activities designed to engage the body, mind and spirit of each resident
  • A full-time housekeeper, who meets the special housekeeping and laundry needs of Anna’s Place

In addition to these staff who are dedicated exclusively to serving Memory Care residents, Anna’s Place Memory Care community also draws support from Hearthstone at Murrayhill’s larger team of managers and staff. For example, Hearthstone’s chaplain is devoted to providing Anna’s Place residents with church services, Bible study, and other spiritual programming based on individual preferences. And building maintenance and repairs are consistently performed by a designated maintenance team member who is most familiar with the routines and special needs of Anna’s Place Memory Care residents.

Extensive Memory Care

Anna’s Place Memory Care staff undergo an extensive memory care training program consisting of the following:

  • 15 SilverChair courses (online coursework)
  • Training in first aid and certification in food handling
  • Specialized training videos on Alzheimer’s disease, dementia care,  and mealtime challenges for those with dementia
  • Four training shifts
  • Specialized training by RN
  • New employee orientation (required of all Hearthstone employees)

Each Anna’s Place team member undergoes approximately 50 hours of training before they are allowed to provide one-on-one care for residents. Each month thereafter Anna’s Place staff are required to complete additional SilverChair training as well as other relevant training.

Person Directed Care

One of Hearthstone at Murrayhill’s core beliefs is that serving with love, respect and integrity demands person directed care. Throughout our community we support the right of each resident to direct their own care by developing a plan that is rooted in what is important to that resident, while taking into account all the factors impacting her or her life. We practice person-directed care not only in our independent and assisted living communities, but also in our memory care community. In Memory Care, person directed care promotes a positive relationship between the resident and staff through staff getting to know and understand each resident’s life story, routines and habits. The staff’s knowledge and understanding is then incorporated into the resident’s daily care and activity plan.

Here’s an example of how person directed care works in Hearthstone’s Anna’s Place Memory Care community:

All her life, Clara (not her real name) has taken great pride in her appearance. After meeting Clara and her family during the move-in process, our staff understood that Clara’s daily hair and make-up routine was one of her strengths: she was interested in and able to follow her familiar routine as long as staff provided her with supervision and support as needed. Over the years we continued to work with Clara and her family to augment her strengths as long as she was able and interested in doing so. By respecting Clara’s strengths, our team has been able to extend her independence and preserve her quality of life.

We believe our careful hiring practices (hiring only those who share Hearthstone values and the Hearthstone “heart”), thorough training programs (both initially and ongoing), and commitment to person directed care reflect who we are as a community. These things also explain how we are able to serve each and every memory care resident with the love, respect and integrity they deserve.

Healthy, Home Style Dining

At Hearthstone at Murrayhill we understand that food and mealtime is a very important part of everyone’s life. That’s why residents in our Memory Care community receive a home-style dining experience similar to that offered to our Independent Living and Assisted Living residents. They are served by the same chef and kitchen staff and have a wide variety of healthy options available to them. For Anna’s Place memory and alzheimer care residents who require a soft or pureed diet, our chef takes great pride in presenting special diets in an appetizing way. As with all Hearthstone residents, those living in Anna’s Place choose when to eat and what to eat. Breakfast is always made-to-order when the resident is ready to eat. Each midday and evening meal includes a freshly made soup, a plated green salad or fresh fruit, a choice of two daily specials, and a choice of dessert or ice cream. To keep things simple, each resident is offered plated options of the two daily specials and, if those options are not appealing, staff will communicate with the resident to ascertain what they would prefer to eat.


For more information about Memory Care, Debbie Hartvickson at Hearthstone at Murrayhill


Hearthstone’s Memory Care Offers More Than “Care”

Memory Care at Hearthstone at Murrayhill takes care to a new level. We are committed to offering:

Specially trained staff dedicated exclusively to memory care

  • Full-time administrator
  • Full-time RN
  • 24/7 medication aides and caregivers
  • Life enrichment staff
  • Housekeeping staff

A secure and comfortable home-like setting

  • Private apartments for all residents
  • A secure living environment where families have easy 24/7 access and are always welcome
  • Healthy home-style cooking, with options to meet personal preferences

A commitment to person directed care

  • A full range of personal caregiving services are provided with loving care by memory care staff 24/7

Meaningful activities that feed the mind, body and spirit

  • Daily activities include such options as music, exercise, scenic drives, art therapy, animal therapy, raised-bed gardening and games
  • Parties and events for holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions
  • Spiritual programming led by Hearthstone’s chaplain