Resident Support

Welcoming New Residents

At Hearthstone we understand that transitions are challenging for everyone involved. Moves are almost always stressful for the individual, but they can also be an anxious time for the family.  Although we can’t eliminate all the challenges accompanying a major life change, over the years we’ve learned how to help ease some of the sources of anxiety.

When a new resident prepares to move into Hearthstone, we provide contact information on professional organizers, packers and movers who can help reduce the burden of downsizing and safely transporting your belongings. Upon moving in, new residents are welcomed and supported by our staff in a number of ways. For example, over the course of several weeks, our resident relations coordinator will help you get oriented and established in your new home by showing you around, introducing you to other residents, and connecting you with other managers and staff who can be helpful in a variety of ways. Just knowing who to turn to when you have questions can help you feel more relaxed and settled.

Most of our new residents report that it doesn’t take long before they know their way around, connect with new friends, and have a renewed sense of purpose and belonging. In fact, it’s not uncommon for new residents to say, “I wish I’d moved here a long time ago!”

Daisy Driver Program

In addition to the free scheduled transportation services available throughout the week, Hearthstone at Murrayhill offers a personal transportation service — called the Daisy Driver program — to its residents. For a small fee, residents may hire a Hearthstone employee to drive them (in Hearthstone’s luxury town car) on personal errands, appointments, or other outings in the Portland metro area. Since this is a personal assistance service, the driver will accompany the resident for the entire outing. That means door-to-door, one-on-one service with no waiting.

Here is a sampling of the feedback we’ve received from family members whose loved ones participate in our Enhanced Wellness Program:
  • One daughter was joyfully surprised to see how much her very quiet and shy mother (who had lived alone for many years) had opened up with others in the small group.
  • Another daughter reported that she is extremely happy to know that her mother is with friends having a good time each day, rather than just sitting in her apartment alone. It is reassuring to see her mom fully engaged and having fun.
  • A resident’s daughter-in-law loves the fact that, when appropriate, we take enhanced wellness participants to community-wide activities (such as music, lectures and games) that they would not otherwise feel comfortable attending.
  • Many family members have noticed the close bonds their loved ones have developed with other participants. They look for each other and help each other.

Spiritual Programs

At Hearthstone at Murrayhill we seek to provide a climate conducive to worship and spiritual growth. Our full-time chaplain leads a weekly non-denominational service on Sunday afternoons, assists with Bible study each Thursday evening, and coordinates morning devotions on weekdays — all of which provide opportunities for our residents to nurture their faith as a community. On a personal level, our chaplain enjoys one-on-one time with residents and is always available for a chat. For residents who are being treated in a hospital or rehab setting, our chaplain makes regular hospital and rehab visits to provide encouragement and an ongoing connection to their Hearthstone home. When residents and family members face end-of-life situations, our chaplain is available for counseling, support and/or memorial preparations. Regardless of someone’s spiritual background, our chaplain is there to serve our residents — either with their faith journey or just as a friend.