Hearthstone at Murrayhill

“It is so wonderful to hear [my mother] say, ‘The food was really good!’  You all make a miraculous difference.”

Food is one of the most important aspects of our daily lives.  That’s why Hearthstone at Murrayhill’s chef and kitchen/dining room staff put so much effort into preparing and serving healthful, appetizing, home-cooked meals.

All-Day Dining

We understand that not everyone is on the same schedule, so we offer dining services throughout the day. With our two dining rooms we are able to serve meals between 7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. each day.  And since meal time is family time, guests are always welcome.

Restaurant Style Dining

Everyone at Hearthstone at Murrayhill is served restaurant-style, which means that our waiters come to your table, take your order, and bring your meal to your table. In our full-service Willamette Dining Room the waiter takes your order and brings each course to your table (soup, salad, entrée and dessert). For those who find it difficult to negotiate a salad or dessert bar, or who just like to sit back and relax, the Willamette Dining Room is a favorite choice.

In our Columbia Dining Room you and your guests are served by our friendly wait staff, but soup, salad, coffee and dessert are served buffet-style. The amply-stocked salad bar is what draws many to the Columbia Dining Room. With two types of fresh greens, a dozen different vegetable toppings, and six salad dressings to choose from, our salad bar is irresistible to many residents and guests for lunch and dinner.

You Choose

We know our residents have preferences, so we offer a variety of choices for each meal. In fact, we have a self-selected group of residents (our Food Focus Group) which meets weekly with our chef to select the lunch and dinner specials to be offered the following week. (This is no small task, as Chef Rai has over 700 menu selections in his collection of recipes.)


Private Dining

When you have a special event or just want some privacy, Hearthstone at Murrayhill offers two large private dining rooms where family and friends can gather. We do the cooking, serving and clean-up so you and your loved ones can just sit back and enjoy each other’s company.

Bright & Cheery Dining Rooms

We understand that your dining experience is affected by the setting and the service. It is so much easier to have a good appetite when you are seated in a bright and cheery dining room overlooking a lovely courtyard. And you can actually relax and enjoy the company of friends when you don’t have to do the work! You choose when and where to eat, who will be your dining companion(s), and what to order. You will never be rushed, so you can linger as long as you wish over dessert and a cup of coffee. In many ways the Hearthstone dining experience is the best of all worlds.

What’s So Special About Hearthstone Dining?


  • Flexible dining services offered throughout the day
  • Residents choose when to eat, where to sit, and what to order
  • Variety of quality choices at each meal — including dessert options
  • Resident Food Focus Group selects daily specials each week


  • 3 delicious meals each day, plus snacks [TF2]
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables always available
  • 2 freshly made soups daily — always “from scratch”
  • Sugar-free desserts and cookies always an option


  • Meals served restaurant-style, with expansive salad bar option
  • Guests are always welcome!
  • Private dining rooms available for special gatherings
  • Waiters are friendly and eager to serve you

Meet Our Chef

Chef Rai Buch is one of Hearthstone’s greatest treasures.


Rai was born in Braunau, Austria, and has developed expertise in international cuisine through a lifetime of training and experience. He graduated from culinary school in Munich, Germany, and has served as head chef in a number of prominent venues in the U.S. Rai became Hearthstone at Murrayhill’s Director of Food Services in 2003. he values the input of our resident Food Focus Group and meets weekly with them to plan upcoming menus. Chef Rai is renowned for his Viennese Torte, Wiener Schnitzel, and other European specialties. During Hearthstone at Murrayhill’s annual Oktoberfest, Rai greets residents and guests dressed in the traditional Bavarian lederhosen he brought with him from Germany, while residents and staff sing old German songs to the accompaniment of Joe Szabo and his accordion. Chef Rai’s Oktoberfest is a Hearthstone tradition not to be missed!