Don’t Let Sibling Rivalry Get in the Way

CompetitionHearthstone is a family-owned senior living company. Our founder is a former family counselor. We know that when a parent starts to need extra help, often times, sibling rivalry rears its ugly head. Adult children suddenly take on old roles – the bossy child, the spoiled brat or the emotional one. Differences in ability to take time off from work or from raising a family or varying income levels can make the situation even more complicated.

Our advice is to have a family meeting about memory care, sans the parent(s). It’s a way of putting the issues on the table and coming up with a solution. Decide on each person’s contributions to the cause. If you can’t reach common ground, you might want to consider contacting a mediator like Genesis Mediation in Beaverton.

Your parents’ opinions matter, so include them once you have a suitable plan to present. Ideally this will be done before dementia is a part of the equation. Once dementia has been diagnosed, getting your loved one to agree to a move or any outside help for memory care is much, much, more difficult. Let Hearthstone Senior Living help you navigate through this difficult transition.