What To Expect After Moving Into Hearthstone’s Assisted Living Community

What To Expect After Moving Into An Assisted Living Community In Beaverton Oregon | Hearthstone Senior LivingOnce the decision has been made that moving to assisted living is the best option for your senior loved one’s overall quality of life, it’s important to have the right expectation around the move itself and settling into a new living space.

For many seniors, moving out of their homes because of their health, mobility issues or safety concerns may have been a final option to ensure they will receive the level of care they need to thrive. For others, the interest of downsizing and moving into a community that provides comprehensive services is the perfect way to enjoy retirement.

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How To Cut Back On Costs After Retirement

Cutting Costs In Retirement - Tips For Seniors In Beaverton Oregon | Hearthstone Senior LivingMany financial planners recommend that seniors develop a retirement plan that allows them to live off of 80 percent of their annual income. In addition to basic living expenses, retirees may want to consider allocating a portion of their life savings to caregiving services to ensure that their health and safety are accounted for, as they grow older.

Although retirement allows you to relax and dedicate more time to the things you love, the absence of consistent income increases the importance of managing a planned budget that’s built to protect you from unexpected costs. Creating a plan that allows you to be frugal without downgrading your lifestyle is possible and can easily happen when prioritizing your expenses. Consider the following tips that can help you save money in retirement without forcing you to compromise on the things you’ve always wanted to do.

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Choosing Between Assisted Living and Independent Living

Choosing Between Assisted and Independent Living Communities In Oregon | Hearthstone At BeavertonAs your parents and grandparents continue to age, considerations around housing options become more important. For some families, unique circumstances such as poor health and mobility can put limitations on their choices, preventing their senior loved ones from living alone or remaining in their house.

Other families may wish to maintain their independence but aren’t able to because of insufficient funds or an underdeveloped retirement plan. Senior living communities like Hearthstone serve as cost-effective housing solutions that promote personal freedom, while also providing resources that keep your loved ones safe.

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How Seniors Can Relieve Low Back Pain With These Exercises

Exercises That Relieve Back Pain For Seniors In Beaverton Oregon | Hearthstone of BeavertonThe cartilage that exists between your vertebrae naturally wears down as you age, creating the potential for back pain and significant discomfort.

Seniors who experience back pain do not have to miss out on their favorite activities or live a sedentary lifestyle. Instead, aging seniors can follow through with basic, light exercises to maintain and support back flexibility.

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Fact: Assisted Living Improves Quality of Life For Seniors

Beaverton Assisted Living Improves Quality of Life for Seniors | Hearthstone Senior CommunitiesWhen the time comes where your senior loved one requires more support to follow through with their daily needs, an assisted living community serves as an excellent solution.

Seniors who are a part of Hearthstone’s assisted living program can maintain their independence, while also having all their medical, personal, and social needs taken care of.

Hearthstone of Beaverton and Hearthstone at Murrayhill offer 24-hour care, direct access to health and housekeeping services, as well as fun, interactive social activities – all offered to ensure a higher quality of life.

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Social Media Etiquette 101 For Seniors

Social Media Etiquette 101 For Seniors - Assisted Living In Beaverton Oregon | Hearthstone CommunitiesStudies offered by Pew Research show that seniors who are active on social media experience lower rates of depression, a deep sense of remaining connected to their loved ones, and are happier than those who are unfamiliar or uncomfortable using platforms like Facebook.

Over 50 percent of seniors throughout the United States use social media websites at least once per day, mostly for:

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