Social Media Etiquette 101 For Seniors

Social Media Etiquette 101 For Seniors - Assisted Living In Beaverton Oregon | Hearthstone CommunitiesStudies offered by Pew Research show that seniors who are active on social media experience lower rates of depression, a deep sense of remaining connected to their loved ones, and are happier than those who are unfamiliar or uncomfortable using platforms like Facebook.

Over 50 percent of seniors throughout the United States use social media websites at least once per day, mostly for:

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Taking Care of A Senior Loved One Before and After A Heart Attack

Taking Care of A Senior Loved One Before and After A Heart Attack | Independent and Assisted Living Near Beaverton OregonHelping your senior loved one create and maintain a healthy lifestyle is the best solution for preventing various health conditions associated with aging.

Exercising and eating healthy can help lower the chances of your senior loved one developing cardiovascular conditions such as heart disease, stroke, and acute myocardial infarction (AMI) or what’s commonly referred to as a heart attack.

If your loved one does develop AMI, it’s imperative that you’re able to respond appropriately and swiftly.

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The Differences between Dementia and Age-Related Forgetfulness

The Differences between Dementia and Age-Related Forgetfulness | Senior and Assisted Living Near Portland, ORForgetfulness is common.

We’ve all forgotten to reply to a text, misplaced the car keys, and drawn a blank at the grocery store after leaving the shopping list at home. But there is a point when forgetfulness becomes a concern, especially in senior adults.

Many people can have difficulty recalling someone’s name, at times. A better example of dementia is when a person doesn’t recognize a previously well-known person, doesn’t know the season or day, or has difficulty recalling new information.

Your brain changes as you age. That’s unavoidable.

But experiencing significant memory problems is not a typical sign of growing older. The line between age-related forgetfulness and dementia may seem thin, but there are some signs and symptoms that can help you differentiate between the two.

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5 Great Winter Exercises That Are Easy and Effective For Seniors

Winter Exercises for Seniors Near Beaverton OregonMany people find it challenging to stay in shape during the winter, especially during the holiday season.

The celebratory feasting and all of the sweet treats you’ll consume between Christmas and New Year’s don’t make matters easier.

But as long as you balance the savory splendor with exercise and healthy choices, you’ll be good to go.

Winter Exercises for Seniors

This winter, don’t settle for a gym membership to keep in shape. Take advantage of all of the fun activities the season offers! Here are some examples of how to spread holiday cheer and stave off winter weight at the same time:

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