Fact: Assisted Living Improves Quality of Life For Seniors

Beaverton Assisted Living Improves Quality of Life for Seniors | Hearthstone Senior CommunitiesWhen the time comes where your senior loved one requires more support to follow through with their daily needs, an assisted living community serves as an excellent solution.

Seniors who are a part of Hearthstone’s assisted living program can maintain their independence, while also having all their medical, personal, and social needs are taken care of.

Hearthstone of Beaverton offers 24-hour care, direct access to health and housekeeping services, as well as continuous social activities – all offered to ensure a higher quality of life.

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Taking Care of A Senior Loved One Before and After A Heart Attack

Taking Care of A Senior Loved One Before and After A Heart Attack | Independent and Assisted Living Near Beaverton OregonHelping your senior loved one create and maintain a healthy lifestyle is the best solution for preventing various health conditions associated with aging.

Exercising and eating healthy can help lower the chances of your senior loved one developing cardiovascular conditions such as heart disease, stroke, and acute myocardial infarction (AMI) or what’s commonly referred to as a heart attack.

If your loved one does develop AMI, it’s imperative that you’re able to respond appropriately and swiftly.

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The Differences between Dementia and Age-Related Forgetfulness

The Differences between Dementia and Age-Related Forgetfulness | Senior and Assisted Living Near Portland, ORForgetfulness is common.

We’ve all forgotten to reply to a text, misplaced the car keys, and drawn a blank at the grocery store after leaving the shopping list at home. But there is a point when forgetfulness becomes a concern, especially in senior adults.

Many people can have difficulty recalling someone’s name, at times. A better example of dementia is when a person doesn’t recognize a previously well-known person, doesn’t know the season or day, or has difficulty recalling new information.

Your brain changes as you age. That’s unavoidable.

But experiencing significant memory problems is not a typical sign of growing older. The line between age-related forgetfulness and dementia may seem thin, but there are some signs and symptoms that can help you differentiate between the two.

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5 Great Winter Exercises That Are Easy and Effective For Seniors

Winter Exercises for Seniors Near Beaverton OregonMany people find it challenging to stay in shape during the winter, especially during the holiday season.

The celebratory feasting and all of the sweet treats you’ll consume between Christmas and New Year’s don’t make matters easier.

But as long as you balance the savory splendor with exercise and healthy choices, you’ll be good to go.

Winter Exercises for Seniors

This winter, don’t settle for a gym membership to keep in shape. Take advantage of all of the fun activities the season offers! Here are some examples of how to spread holiday cheer and stave off winter weight at the same time:

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8 Power Foods That Help Seniors Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

foods that help seniors prevent Alzheimer's Disease | Hearthstone CommunitiesSeniors can promote healthy brain function and prevent Alzheimer’s disease by eating the right foods that give your body what it needs to stay active and alert.

Your brain needs a lot of energy to function at its best, and this means powering it with the best food.

Foods That Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

By incorporating these items, you can encourage good brain health:

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Positive Oral Care Tips For Seniors Near Beaverton

Positive Oral Care Tips For Seniors | Hearthstone CommunitiesThe risk for seniors experiencing some type of oral care complication is high because of their age and a weakened immune systems.

According to the Washington Dental Service Foundation, approximately 75 percent of those who are over the age of 60 living in the United States have lost most of their teeth.

Periodontal, gum disease, and oral infections are the leading causes of poor oral health for seniors and can all be avoided when using preventative treatment solutions.

Oral Care for Seniors

Neglecting to take proper care of your teeth doesn’t only lead to poor oral health, but it also increases your chances for suffering from heart disease and/or diabetes.

If you have an aging family member or loved one who is considering moving into an independent living community, consider the following information and call us to learn more about how the staff promotes positive health and wellness.

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Why It’s Important For Seniors To Take Proper Care of Their Feet

Why It's Important For Seniors To Take Proper Care of Their Feet | Hearthstone Senior LivingFor a variety of reasons, foot problems tend to arise as we age.

Feet lose cushioning over time, and the nails and skin can grow brittle and dry.

Many seniors experience reduced overall blood flow, and this can delay the healing of foot sores.

The best thing you can do for your feet is wear comfortable shoes that fit properly. It is particularly important to avoid high-heeled or tight-fitting shoes that put unnecessary pressure on the foot.

Foot Care & Seniors

The constant pinching and rubbing from “fashionable” footwear are a leading cause of bunions, calluses, and corns. Feet may become wider as you age, so you should make a habit of having them measured before buying a new pair of shoes.

Another way to take care of your feet is to encourage good blood circulation. If you usually spend a considerable portion of the day in a chair, you can boost your circulation by exercising, stretching, and walking.

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