About Us

Imagine a senior living community that feels like home…

  • Where you and your loved ones are treated like best friends.
  • Where you choose how to live your life.
  • Where you rely on us to provide a safe, healthy and loving atmosphere.

At Hearthstone Senior Living we are committed to creating this home-like environment. We believe it is vital for seniors to continue living healthy, happy lives. And we are committed to providing the environment where that is possible. By listening to our residents and their families, we are reminded each day that home is everything.

What makes us different?

For starters, we are owned and managed by a local Beaverton family with a lifelong commitment to serving others. Walter and Helen Friesen (pictured below) and their adult children — Nancy Ralston, Bev Ecker, Gerry Friesen and Rod Friesen are involved in the operations at both Hearthstone communities, and are frequently visiting and interacting with residents, family members, managers and staff. Their commitment to seniors sets the benchmark for everything we do.

Walter & Helen Friesen

One of the many advantages of being locally owned and managed is that we can adapt quickly to the needs and desires of our residents. Rather than decisions being dictated by a remote corporate office, at Hearthstone you are able to speak directly with on-site managers who listen to you and provide a prompt response to your concerns and suggestions.

In addition, Hearthstone managers and staff are hired for their personal integrity and heartfelt commitment to seniors, as much as for their professional and technical skills. By hiring the right people, and retaining them long past industry standards, Hearthstone has developed a reputation for serving its residents in a way that exceeds expectations and fosters long-term relationships.

Another Hearthstone senior living distinctive is that we have nurtured a beautiful, home-like environment that is welcoming and comfortable to those who live and work here, as well as to our visitors and guests. At Hearthstone you feel the difference when you walk in the door: It just feels like home.